G1200 TELE
GiANT G1200 TELE uses a grapple attachment to feed logs and brush to a chipper in Alaska.


With its low weight (2750 lbs), compact dimensions and excellent maneuverability, the Giant G1200 telescopic wheel loader operates with ease in tight spaces and on turf. Wide flotation tires and articulated steering make this machine very surface friendly. The powerful 25 HP 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine drives 4 hydraulic wheel motors that have an electronically controlled anti-slip function. This machine features a high lift capacity (tipping load up to 1980 lbs), and a pin height of 111″ due to its telescoping boom. The Giant G1200 Tele has a travel speed of up to 9.5 mph, which makes it fast and nimble in comparison to traditional stand-on skidsteers. The standard ROPS structure provides 360 degree visibility. This machine is equipped with a universal mini-skid attachment plate.

Surface friendly

Minimize turf damage due to articulated steering and frame oscillation

Commercial grade

All steel body panels to maximize up-time and protect your investment


Powerful and reliable 25 HP Kubota diesel engine


Up to 1980 lbs tipping load and up to 111 inches of lifting height

Tire options

Narrow tires, wide tires or dual tires: pick the right tire configuration for your job


Precisely operate you attachment straight from the joystick

Spec Comparison 

Tire Options

Maximize your returns by selecting the correct tires and wheels for your Giant machine. We offer a wide variety of wheel choices with different tread patterns, rim offsets and tires in different sizes and widths to fit your application and situation.

Compatible Attachments

All Giant machines always come with an industry-standard attachment plate. This makes it very easy to use any attachments that you may already have! As well, any attachment specialist will be able to supply you with attachments, which makes your attachment options to choose from virtually unlimited. Next to that we offer a wide variety of Giant-branded custom ordered specialty attachments. With this "non-proprietary" attachment approach Giant offers you many options to maximize your investment. It has never been easier to get into a Giant!

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