GiANT Attachments Maximize the Productivity of Your GiANT Machine

Turn your GiANT compact wheel loader into a productive beast with GiANT Attachments

When you purchase a GiANT loader, pick up your general-purpose bucket, pelican buckets, pallet forks, and tree grapple. For a Total Landscaping Solution, add a GiANT compactor, too.

GiANT attachments are created for efficiency. They fit the standard the Mini Skid Steer (CII) plate for the stand-on skid steer or smaller compact loaders or the Universal Quick Attach (SSL) plate used on larger-sized compact loaders.

Purchase your GiANT loader, attachments, and compaction from your local dealer. Find your dealer on our dealer locator.

Keep your eyes on the GiANT blog to learn more about promotions that include free attachments.

G1200 + General Purpose Dirt Bucket

GiANT General Purpose Dirt Buckets

The GiANT General Purpose Dirt Bucket is essential for any job. Hauling rock, dirt, sand, or firewood is all in a day’s work for the savviest contractor. Find out what GiANT General Purpose Dirt Bucket works for your machine on our spec sheet.

G1200 + Pelican Bucket<br />
Small Tractor Outdoors

GiANT Pelican Buckets

GiANT Pelican Buckets are specially made to scoop and haul brush, branches, and logs. Whether you’re a tree care groundie (arboricultural ground worker), landscaper, or in property maintenance, the pelican bucket’s wide teeth provide a solid grip for efficient branch and log management. Find out what GiANT Pelican Bucket works for your machine on our spec sheet. 

Small Tractor GiANT<br />
GS900+ Pallet Forks with Backrest<br />
Carrying 3 Tractor Tires Outside warehouse
G1500+Pallet Forks Lifting a pallet of Tractor Tires Closed Cabin, next to warehouse

GiANT Pallet Forks, Pallet Forks with Backrest, and Eagle Claw

GiANT compact wheel loaders are small but mighty. Paired with pallet forks, the machine lifts sod, pavers, or even sheds. Or maybe they will lift the massive set of tires for your GiANT machine. Find out what GiANT Pallet Fork works for your machine on our spec sheet.

Understanding GiANT Attachment Plates

GiANT stand-on skid steers and compact wheel loaders come standards with universal attachment plates for owner and operator convenience. The wheeled and tracked GiANT stand-on skid steer and smaller compact wheel loaders use the Mini Skid Steer (CII) plate, while the larger compact wheel loaders use the Universal Quick Attach (SSL) plate. See the quick reference below.

GiANT Machine
GS900 & GS950T Stand-On Skid Steer
G1200 Compact Wheel Loader Series
G1500 Compact Wheel Loader Series
GiANT Compact Wheel Loader Series: G1500, G2200, G2500, G2700, G3500, G5000, GT5048
Attachment Plate
Mini Skid Steer (CII) plate
Mini Skid Steer (CII) plate
Mini Skid Steer (CII) plate
Universal Quick Attach (SSL) plate
Pin Type
Manual Lock Pins
Manual Lock Pins
Hydraulic Lock Pins, Operated from Cabin
Hydraulic Lock Pins, Operated from Cabin

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