Meet Nathan Corey! 👋 A GiANT arborist and Crew Lead at Doug Koch Professional Tree Service in Alaska.

As a Certified Arborist, Nathan’s mission is to leave a place healthier and safer than he found it, and ultimately, keep Alaska the beautiful place it is known to be by maintaining its urban forests.

Nathan has been operating his GiANT for 4 years now and has clocked more than 1800 hours behind the wheel removing trees, moving logs and limbs into the chipper, and completing service clean-ups. 💪

“I love our GiANT because it’s light, low impact, compact and efficient; resulting in less ware on the ground crew.”

We love to see Nathan’s hard work and passion on display for his job – it’s what it means to be GiANT. 💪🐜#iAmAGiANT