Maximize the productivity of your Giant!

Great attachments are essential to turn your Giant into a productive beast.

All Giant machines come with an industry-standard attachment plate. This makes it very easy to use any attachment you may already have, or source directly from your preferred attachment manufacturer. This flexibility provides virtually unlimited options for your attachment requirements. In addition, we offer a wide variety of Giant-branded custom ordered specialty attachments.

With our “non-proprietary” attachment approach, Giant offers you unlimited options to maximize your investment. Giant puts you in the driver’s seat, where others force you to purchase their proprietary attachments. It has never been easier to get into a Giant!

Here is a breakdown of the standard attachment plates we offer.



Giant SK-series & Giant D254SW-series:

  • Mini-skid attachment plate (also referred to as Toro Dingo plate)
  • Manual lock pins

Giant G1500-series:

  • Small skidsteer attachment plate (also referred to as Bobcat MT or Bobcat mini plate)
  • Hydraulic lock pins, operated from cabin

Giant G2200, Giant G2200E, Giant G2500, Giant G2700, Giant G3500, Giant G5000 and Giant GT5048:

  • Skidsteer universal attachment plate (also referred to as full-size skidsteer plate)
  • Hydraulic lock pins, operated from cabin

Giant branded attachments:

For an overview of Giant-branded attachments that are available on custom order, please visit our corporate site: Click here

We also have a variety of different attachment plates available for custom order. Please contact and consult with your dealer about the best attachment choice for your specific situation and application.

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