SK Series


Giant has expanded its product range with the SK-series stand-on mini-skidsteer. This machine is powered by a strong 3 cylinder 25 HP Kubota diesel engine. The machine is driven by 4 heavy duty hydraulic wheel motors and turns on a dime! The SK-series mini-skid comes standard with an adjustable hip bracket, a double acting hydraulic function, cast iron counter weights and a universal mini-skid attachment plate (not pictured). This head-turner gets the job done quick and easy for customers in landscaping, agriculture, tree care, construction and more. This machine is equipped with a universal mini-skid attachment plate.


Turn on the spot and maneuver in tight spaces


Powerful & reliable 25 HP Kubota diesel engine


Universal mini-skid plate to utilize many different attachments to get the job done


Up to 956 lbs tipping load and up to 82.7 inches lift height


Adjustable hip brackets and a suspended adjustable operator platform for comfort


The standard hydraulic outlet provides 9.2 GPM hydraulic flow

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Tire Options

Maximize your returns by selecting the correct tires and wheels for your Giant machine. We offer a wide variety of wheel choices with different tread patterns, rim offsets and tires in different sizes and widths to fit your application and situation.

Compatible Attachments

All Giant machines always come with an industry-standard attachment plate. This makes it very easy to use any attachments that you may already have! As well, any attachment specialist will be able to supply you with attachments, which makes your attachment options to choose from virtually unlimited. Next to that we offer a wide variety of Giant-branded custom ordered specialty attachments. With this "non-proprietary" attachment approach Giant offers you many options to maximize your investment. It has never been easier to get into a Giant!

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